Monday, 25 March 2013


Last week started very nicely thank you very much. Siobhan and I cycled 55 miles and for the first time I felt like I had more in the tank at the end. My mood was lifted even further the next morning when I went to pick up a parcel from the sorting office. Quercus Books, a client of mine, had sent me this beautifully illustrated book as a gift. Thank you Quercus!

When I told Siobhan, her response was – 'I hope there aren't any mountains where we're going'. I have to be honest it was mine too, but with Holland and Denmark on route, I think we might be safe.

This weekend was a different story however. With temperatures dropping yet again (yawn) and the feeling that we're entering a second ice-age, I had to cancel Special Olympics training, but stupidly attempted the following day to do a training ride. Next time it's sleeting with a wind chill of minus a zillion, please can you tell me NOT to go out on a ride?! I think that was my most unpleasureable experience on a bike. Frozen fingers and toes and a wind that literally took my breathe away. Anyone for a picnic?

And finally, here is a little Eurovision/Special Olympics fact that I worked out last week.

In fact, Special Olympics are in 170 countries!
I however will be riding from London to Malmo to raise money for Special Olympics GB. Any donations, big or small will be most welcome! 



Monday, 11 March 2013


Speculation was rife last week before the Beeb made it's big announcement that Bonnie Tyler is to represent the UK at Eurovision. Was it to be Agnetha from Abba? An Agnetha and Gary Barlow duet? I may well have fainted if it had.

No offence Bonnie, but I personally think the BBC missed a trick. With such success in 2012 and this rendition of 'Don't Stop Me Now', surely Chris Hoy and Team GB would have been the perfect choice. I'm sure they would have been happy to oblige, proud as they are to represent one's country at such an important event.

Like Olympians and Paralympians, Special Olympians are proud to represent their country, their club and themselves. This would not be possible without the Special Olympics, an international organisation founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968 and now exists in 170 countries. It provides people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to take part in sport and in doing so creates goals and dreams, improves fitness, helps mental well-being and encourages friendship and personal achievement.

Remember the party atmosphere that London 2012 gave to the whole nation? This year, Special Olympics GB are holding many events, including the National Games (28 August-1 September 2013) in Bath and a National Cycle Competition in Ashton Under Lyme (27-28 July 2013). Do come, watch and cheer, and give our athletes the party they deserve.

In the words of Bonnie Tyler, you could be 'Holding Out for a Hero' and you'll be helping our Special Olympians to 'Believe in Me'.

From the 27th April - 13th May, I will be cycling from London to Malmo for the Eurovision Song Contest to raise money for Special Olympics GB and their cycling programme. Any donations, big or small will be truly appreciated. 


Monday, 4 March 2013


Do you remember how you felt when you learnt to ride a bike for the first time? Wind in your face, a bit of speed, independence and that sense of achievement?

This weekend a young trainee came down to Bikeworks All Ability Club in Victoria Park. The trainee, seven years old, has problems with co-ordination and had never managed to pedal a bike before.

As an instructor, it can be back-breaking work, quite literally. I had to run with them on the trike whilst helping to push their feet forward, instead of what they wanted to do, which was to go backwards.

It was a case of repetition and learning through muscle memory. After 20 minutes and attaching their feet to the pedals with straps, my little trainee was cycling free and smiling from ear to ear.  I had to run to keep up, and let me tell you, cyclists don’t run unless you’re the Brownlee brothers of course.

A future Special Olympic athlete in the making? I hope so.

Which brings me on to the next achievement this weekend. Drum roll please. I managed to cycle 55 miles in training for my cycle to Eurovision. Whoop! I mean I nearly collapsed, but 'whoop' anyway!
With that and the first signs of spring – the blossoms are popping in Victoria Park people – this can only mean one song from the Eurovision archive.

Donations for the Eurovision Cycle:

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Image of child on a tricycle is from Shutterstock and is not the real trainee.