Monday, 4 March 2013


Do you remember how you felt when you learnt to ride a bike for the first time? Wind in your face, a bit of speed, independence and that sense of achievement?

This weekend a young trainee came down to Bikeworks All Ability Club in Victoria Park. The trainee, seven years old, has problems with co-ordination and had never managed to pedal a bike before.

As an instructor, it can be back-breaking work, quite literally. I had to run with them on the trike whilst helping to push their feet forward, instead of what they wanted to do, which was to go backwards.

It was a case of repetition and learning through muscle memory. After 20 minutes and attaching their feet to the pedals with straps, my little trainee was cycling free and smiling from ear to ear.  I had to run to keep up, and let me tell you, cyclists don’t run unless you’re the Brownlee brothers of course.

A future Special Olympic athlete in the making? I hope so.

Which brings me on to the next achievement this weekend. Drum roll please. I managed to cycle 55 miles in training for my cycle to Eurovision. Whoop! I mean I nearly collapsed, but 'whoop' anyway!
With that and the first signs of spring – the blossoms are popping in Victoria Park people – this can only mean one song from the Eurovision archive.

Donations for the Eurovision Cycle:

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Image of child on a tricycle is from Shutterstock and is not the real trainee.

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