Monday, 6 May 2013


With only 35 miles to do today and the ferry not leaving until 11pm, I decided to have a slow start to the day and take advantage of my hosts' hospitality. Their home is in Heybridge, not too far from the Basin. A lovely but windy stroll around it and you can see Maldon and it's harbour, and just by where they live are some little house boats - some in better nick than others.

My hosts went above and beyond their call of duty, making me lunch and then sending me on my way to Harwich via Colchester. The sun was shining and the ride was great. I followed the National Cycle Route 51 most of the way, passing Abberton reservoir, yellow fields full of rapeseed and a pub where the landlady looked like Bonnie Tyler.

I arrived in Harwich meeting a group of lads on their way to Holland for Queens Day in Amsterdam. They had cycled all the way from London that day with no training and little rucksacks on their backs. That's between 85-90 miles folks. Mind you they couldn't stand up in the bar on their way to bed.

Was actually quite surprised by my accommodation on the ferry. Check this out. Flat screen TV and everything!

Time for bed, but before I do, here is my random fact of the day, followed by my Eurovision song.
Random Fact: Colchester is the oldest recorded town in England.
And my Eurovision song for the day could be one of 3 songs, all with the name 'Shine', as the sun decided to shine for me today. Does anyone know how many songs have been in Eurovision with this title? Answers on a postcard please.

And today, it's Greece's entry for 2013. Alcohol is Free.

Well, at least this had a bit more gusto about it. And I applaud the sentiments behind the song about alcohol being free. Unless of course the song is about the detrimental effects of free alcohol on society - it's hard to tell when you don't speak the language. There was a sort of punk sensibility about this with the men in skirts jumping around on stage, and I liked the traditional greek sound (and the man with the moustache). However, It still wasn't very good – and I really wanted to like it. If this was being played in a bar, I wouldn't leave, but I would ask them to turn it down. Or maybe I would just move away from the speaker.
An honest 5.
Sorry :(

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