Monday, 6 May 2013


Today (30th April) was an important day in the Netherlands. It was the last ever Queen's Day and the day the current Queen abdicated to hand over to her son, Willem-Alexander.

Whilst most people were heading down to Amsterdam for the celebrations, I was heading north. Unfortunately though, today I had to do it all by bus - 4 to be precise, as have had an injury to my knee and wanted to give it a rest. This has been a little frustrating, as today was my day to go past the tulip fields and over the Afsluitdijk causeway which is 30km long and links northern Holland with Friesland, crossing the sea. Although I had been nervous about this crossing, I was looking forward to the challenge, so it has been a rather disappointing day on that front.

However, I did arrive in Harlingen to enjoy some of the Queen's Day celebrations there. Street markets and parties. Here are some pics.

And to celebrate Queen's Day today, it can only be one song – Denmarks' entry from 2007.

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