Monday, 6 May 2013


It was a wet, grey and windy start to my arrival in Hoek van Holland. I befriended a couple of older ladies on a bike ride to the Keukenhof gardens, but they started riding the wrong way and then one had a problem with her tyre so I'm afraid I had to say goodbye as had 60 miles to cycle.

It decided to chuck it down in the morning and my cycling chic was at this point well and truly down the pan. As I reached The Hague and Schrevenigen beach, the sky was starting to clear and kite surfers were on the beach. And you thought I was mad on my bike!

On I pedalled through sea side towns such as Noordwijk, along sand dunes and through Kennemerland National Park, a wooded area next to the sea. I was following the North Sea Cycle route today. (Route 1b).

The Netherlands is such a fantastic place to cycle. All cities and towns are joined together by separate cycle routes and everyone of all shapes, sizes and ages are on their bikes. I met a Dutch retired couple who were doing a route around Holland and another lady who was taking 12 weeks to make her way up to Norway. I did ask her about Eurovision and it seems she was a little apathetic, although when I told her Anouk is representing the Netherlands this year, her ears twitched and I think she might even have been impressed!

Being on the bike is so fab, as not only do you feel the wind in your face, but you smell everything. The fish and chips of sea side towns and the sweet aroma of the tulips growing in the fields.

I arrived in Egmond a very tired bunny. Miles cycled today: 60


I chose Bulgaria's 2007 entry 'Water' as it was a big hit and also a good dance tune. I thought Siobhan would like it. I couldn't have been more wrong.

This was annoying, repetitive and actually made me feel a bit anxious – like techno music. I couldn't wait for it to end. How in the name of god did it even come 5th? 2007 must have been a bad year.

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