Monday, 6 May 2013


Day one started well. However, those of you who know me, might know that the first day of my big trips are well – full of drama. Ten years ago, on the start of a big trip to South America, I spectacularly missed my first flight by falling asleep in the departure lounge and then sitting at the wrong gate. Well this time, think Chevie Chase's European Vacation's roundabout scene but in Harlow and you might have an idea.

Miles I was meant to ride: 51
Miles I actually rode: Atleast 60 (Remember this for the end)
Random fact of the day: Did you know that Harlow is the birthplace of fibre optic communication?
Knights in shining armour included: Taxi driver in Harlow, man in 4x4 and my B&B hosts.

I waved goodbye to my Eurovision buddie Jude and made my way through the streets of north London and on the Lee Valley path. This runs from the Thames, right up to in to Hertfordshire. You pass suburban and urban areas, as well as beautifully painted house boats.

For some reason I came off the path early and had a 'lost moment' in Waltham Cross. Mind you, I still arrived in Harlow in time for lunch. Now then, Harlow is surrounded by cycle paths that twist and wind around the town. It confused me and it well and truly confused my bike sat nav, sending me on a 20 mile goose chase. Back in Harlow, a cab driver saw my distress and both followed and in the end had to escort me 3 miles out of the city centre in his cab. He did this for free! Buy that man a beer!

Onwards and upwards, I pedalled through little villages, in between hail storms and rainbows, pausing to check the way. A man in his 4x4 stopped to check I was OK. Cyclists, never judge a man by his car!

It was getting late (7ish) and I was physically and mentally exhausted. After a lot of thought – all of about 5 seconds, I had decided to ride in to Chelmsford and get a cab to take me the extra 10 miles to Heybridge, my stop for the night. I'd already done about 60 miles, more than my quota for the day and I wasn't going to make myself ill and spoil the rest of this trip. So, stopping to call my hosts to let them know, they responded and said they would come and pick me up. Yippeeeee! Mum, you see, I am sensible!

So the Eurovision song for the day has to be dedicated to the four people who saved the day. My heroes!

And here is the first day of the Siobhan Eurovision Conversion Meter. I chose Tom Dice's 'Me and My Guitar', which is one of my favourites of recent years. (Belgium 2010). Seems it wasn't one of Siobhans.

What can I say? For my first review I was expecting something more interesting. This was woefully unimpressive, lacking the craziness I was expecting from a Eurovision entry. He sounded like a talent show version of someone who I can't really place because they are so bland and unmemorable. He wasn't terrible, but he was incredibly boring. Also, his lyrics made no sense (howeer, I am not holding that against him). Overall, I feel a bit numb about this. However, having listened to this twice now, I still do not care about him. Nor indeed, about his guitar.

A generous 3.

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